How We Work

SOS Consulting, LLC operates with the following principles:

We believe:

  • Seek first to understand – We listen to and understand our client’s needs and goals before engaging in action
  • Results oriented – Our primary mission is to improve client performance for the long-term
  • High-impact – We work with clients to select the approach that will have both the highest impact and longest staying power
  • Put first things first – We organize and execute around client priorities
  • Open - We are open to new ideas, new possibilities, new opportunities
  • Renewal – We sharpen our own saw, seeking ways to continuously develop our knowledge and expertise
  • Respect – We treat others and their ideas with respect, striving for win-win relationships
  • Integrity and honesty – We honor our commitments and communicate openly and honestly

Who We Are

Dr. Susan O. Schall

Susan O. Schall, Ph.D.

Founder & Operations Leader of SOS Consulting, LLC

Susan has over 30 years of experience delivering over $250 million in results using engineering, statistical process improvement and organizational health methods. Clients include manufacturing, higher education, and non-profits.

Susan is passionate about sharing the value-creating essentials of high-performing organizations that do well while doing good. She is high-energy, practical and action-oriented.