SOS Consulting’s COMPETE Program provides manufacturing leaders with the clarity needed to focus on a few top priorities with new mindsets and appropriate improvement methodologies to transform their organization into a healthy workplace where people and profits flourish today, and tomorrow.


Program Overview

  1. Call to Action: Face the Hard Facts. A strategic assessment of the organization’s health on 6 dimensions

  2. Obtain Clarity: Who Are We and What Able, Willing and Committed to Do. The leadership team establishes clarity on the organization’s identity and top priorities for achieving long-term health and productivity.      

  3. Make Improvement Plans: Champion the path forward. Identify action plans and responsibilities for executing priorities to attain productivity and health goals.

  4. Execute Plans and Tally Results: DO It! Implement projects, track progress, recognize and share success. 

  5. Embed Improvement into Daily Work: Make it a way of life. Embed improvements into daily work practices in such a way that they are sustained through changes in personnel over time.

What You Get

  • Assessments of current organization health and the 6 essentials to value creation
  • Time management and/or meeting management workshop
  • 5 books, 12 white papers with learning activities. checklists, templates, workplans & meeting agendas for on-going use
  • Six Types of Genius report for each leader
  • Five Behaviors of Cohesive Team assessment and action planning for each leader
  • Three-day facilitated offsite clarity retreat with Playbook for each leader
  • One-day facilitated offsite improvement planning meeting with methodology decision-tree and action planning templates
  • Project charter templates, team role descriptions and qualifications with RACI template
  • Communication and Training Plans
  • Project team Improvement training and planning tool templates, refreshers and training videos
  • Project team coaching including project phase reviews and scorecard
  • Post execution assessment(s)
  • One-day facilitated Management Review, including templates, checklists, and meeting agendas
  • One Meeting Advantage license


  • Clarity on organization’s identity (purpose and values), strategic anchors, goals & objectives, roles & responsibilities
  • Confidence have the right team in right seats working on the right things
  • Leaders work more effectively and use time better
  • Improved meetings
  • Improved productivity & profitability with confidence problems will not recur
  • Less fire fighting
  • Workforce engaged in improvement and next generation of leaders developed
  • Confidence in the future; leave a legacy
  • Less conflict, stress and more time - joy at work, better sleep and in relationships