Presentations for your leadership team or professional organization

The Essential Advantage

This presentation provides an overview of organizational health and its four disciplines. Susan will focus specifically on the leadership aspects that result in transformative improvement while creating a workplace that works for all.

The Working Genius

Everyone has natural talents and gifts that can be used in all parts of life, with strong applicability to work. There are six types of genius, two of which come naturally to you, you are good at them and they give you energy and joy; these are your areas of Working Genius. This presentation will describe the six types, their relationship to work, benefits and fundamental ways that a team can be transformed by using The Six Types of Working Genius.

The 6 Essentials to Competitive Productivity and Profitability

Leaders of small to medium-sized manufacturing organizations are often confused by the alphabet soup of improvement methodologies and do not have the resources, staff and matrixed organization to invest in the latest improvement methodologies. They need the six essentials of competitive productivity and profitability. This presentation describes the six essentials and a 5-step approach to assess and implement the essentials to compete both today and tomorrow.

Reducing the FOG: Using A Strategic Assessment to Identify and Develop Strategies for Quality

Small manufacturing organizations often struggle to identify and develop strategies for quality that guide and sustain the organization, especially when the organization suffers from Frequent changes, Organizational dysfunction, Gross waste and variation and has little technical competency in quality (FOG). This presentation shares a strategic assessment using the MBNQA Criteria, ISO 9004 and the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC structure that can be used to understand the current state of quality in an organization and identify strategies to implement the essentials to reduce the FOG to deliver revenue, improve growth and prepare the organization for the future through quality.

Team-based Variability Reduction

This presentation will engage participants in a case study of how one company used a team-based variability reduction methodology to enable operations teams to identify and eliminate sources of variability, establish the daily disciplines necessary to sustain the productivity improvements over time, and create an environment to facilitate step-change productivity improvement through Six Sigma.

Strategic Planning Deadly Sins

Strategic planning is critical for an organization to address its strategic challenges while leveraging its strategic advantages. Many organizations, however, fail to get the results they expect from their strategic planning efforts. The root cause may often be found in one or more “deadly sins” of strategic planning. This presentation will identify the common “deadly sins” of strategic planning and engage participants in identifying ways to prevent these “deadly sins” in their organizations.