Is This You?

  • You are a leader in an organization that wants to manufacture in the US and provide good, steady living wage jobs to your children and neighbors.
  • Performance is lower than desired; Productivity, cost, time and quality miss targets too often.
  • Customers are not satisfied.
  • Employees are not engaged.
  • Lie awake at night thinking about the problems of the day?
  • Dread going to work every morning to the chaos, politics and conflict that surround these problems?
  • Question your leadership, knowledge and capabilities?
  • Wonder why your organization cannot execute improvement that is sustainable for the long-term?
  • Work hard and long hours, but still feel like you are treading water?

Have you:

  • Tried several improvement approaches over the years, but saw limited results?

You are not alone!

Many leaders of small to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises struggle with these same issues.

SOS Consulting can help.

SOS Consulting has experience working with leaders just like you. We understand that smaller organizations do not have the resources, staff and matrixed organizations of large organizations to develop and execute their strategic vision. At SOS Consulting, LLC, our primary mission is to help small to medium-sized US manufacturers flourish today and tomorrow.

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