Everything DiSC Workplace®

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The Everything DiSC® model is a simple tool that’s been helping people to connect for over thirty years. Project teams using DiSC report 20% reduction in project completion time while 5% under budget. Employers using DiSC to develop individuals and teams report below industry average employee turnover.
DiSC is an indicator of an individual’s behavioral tendencies. It is how you do what you do on two dimensions: fast-paced versus cautious and reflective and questioning versus accepting. The two dimensions result in four styles, dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness, commonly abbreviated as DiSC.
Work teams attend the workshop together and in groups of 12 or less to provide an environment conducive to optimal learning and facilitate team dynamics.


Description: training involves combination of presentations, videos, group activities, individual reflection and planning to understand and use the DiSC model to improve team effectiveness.
: six-hours; can be done in one day or split over two days.
: individual profile ($125 value), training materials and handouts, take-away cards, and access to additional online resources.