Susan Schall has over 30 years of experience delivering over $250 million in results using engineering, statistical process improvement and organizational health methods. Clients including manufacturing, higher education, and non-profits.

Susan is passionate about sharing the value-creating essentials of high-performing organizations that do well while doing good. She is high-energy, practical and action-oriented.

The following is a list of her most popular presentations. Contact her for additional topics or to schedule a session.

Is Your Organization Healthy?

Just as people can be unhealthy, so can organizations, bloated with waste, politics, confusion and conflict. An organization is healthy when it is whole, consistent and complete; all of its operations, strategy, management and culture fit together in a way that makes sense. Healthy organizations have minimal politics and confusion, high degrees of morale and productivity and low turnover. This presentation will describe the four disciplines of organizational health and how to execute them in your organization.

What Does Trust Have to do with Leadership?

Trust is a core competency of leadership needed in today’s competitive environment. Many believe it is intangible, unmeasurable and unteachable. Rather, it is a competency that can be understood, learned, and applied; something every leader can improve. This presentation defines trust, its costs and benefits, the three pillars of personal, relational and organizational trust, and the 13 corresponding behaviors that build high trust. The relationships between trust and the work of leaders are explored to demonstrate that trust has everything to do with leadership.

Boiled Frog or Adaptive Leader?

Change continues to occur at an ever-increasing rate around us and our organizations. We can either remain in the boiling plan of change or become an adaptive leader that leads our organizations out. This presentation will define adaptive leadership and share a three-step process for leading your organization into the future.

Team-based Variability Reduction

This presentation engages participants in a case study of how one company used a team-based variability reduction methodology to enable operations teams to identify and eliminate sources of variability, establish the daily disciplines necessary to sustain the productivity improvements over time, and to facilitate breakthrough productivity improvement with Six Sigma.

Do You Have the Right Team: Ideal Team Player

Ideal team players exhibit three virtues. Susan will describe the three virtues and how not having ideal team players impacts your team. Participants will leave with tools to identify and develop the virtues in themselves and others.

Are your Team Members in the Right Seats? Six Types of Working Genius (2 hours)

Everyone has natural talents and gifts that can be used in all parts of life, with strong applicability to work. There are six types of genius. Each type of genius receives and/or gives something to adjacent types, creating a workflow leading from Ideation to activation to implementation. Teams that understand their own and their coworkers’ areas of genius, competency and frustration, get more done in less time. This presentation will introduce the six geniuses, how to identify and use them to increase the productivity of your team(s).

Strategic Planning Deadly Sins

Strategic planning is critical for an organization to address its strategic challenges while leveraging its strategic advantages. Many organizations, however, fail to get the results they expect from their strategic planning efforts. The root cause may often be found in one or more “deadly sins” of strategic planning. This presentation will identify the common “deadly sins” of strategic planning and engage participants in identifying ways to prevent these “deadly sins” in their organizations

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