Right People: Ideal Team Player

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An ideal team player exhibits three virtues:

  1. Humility. Humble team members lack excessive ego or concerns about status. They are quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to draw attention to their own.
  2. Hungry people are always looking for more- more to do, more to learn, more responsibility. Healthy hunger is a manageable, sustainable commitment to doing a job well and going above and beyond when it is required.
  3. People Smart. Being people smart refers to a person’s common sense about people – interpersonally appropriate and aware of what is going on within the group. They have good intuition and judgement about the subtleties of group dynamics.

It is the combination of the three virtues that makes them powerful. If just one is missing in a team member, teamwork can be more difficult, if not impossible.


Description: experiential workshop that describes the model, and how to effectively use it with a team. Leaders leave with action plans to improve their own behavior and how to engage their leadership team.
two hours
: handouts, a self-assessment, Patrick Lencioni’s Ideal Team Player book (a $13 value), and an SOS Team white paper.