We believe:

Manufacturing productivity, quality and/or cost challenges exist within the purpose and story of the organization. Understanding an organization’s unique purpose and story is key to getting to the root cause of the complex challenges they face. Without clarity on purpose and understanding of the full story, leaders of small manufacturing companies face complex challenges with unsuitable approaches and mindsets that do not yield the desired results.

The SOS Consulting COMPETE program is different. COMPETE is about improving execution.

Execution is the synchronization of the business system (strategy, policies, practices, capabilities, and mindsets) with external realities.


COMPETE guides leaders of small to medium–sized manufacturing companies to achieve their business goals, deliver customer value and shared value for employees and communities with new perspectives on how to deliver their unique value to customers and a unique combination of core competencies that cannot be easily imitated by the competition.


SOS Consulting’s COMPETE approach to maximize execution:

  • Uses a structured 5 step approach that integrates organization health, statistical thinking, core competencies and process design and management and mindsets;
  • Focuses on results, not training;
  • Leverages data-based approaches to go beyond the data to understand the story and to identify improvements appropriate to write the rest of the story;
  • Teaches and coaches organization leaders to execute the improvements and embed them into daily work practices and systems so they can be sustained long term;
  • Uses collaborative approaches that reduce conflict and turf wars;
  • Is customized to fit the needs of the organization; no one-size-fits-all.