Team Trifecta

The team trifecta is the right people, working in the right seats and working well together, or Ideal Team Players working from their Working Geniuses as a cohesive team that trusts one another, can have productive debates that result in commitment to action to which they hold one another accountable to obtain results (Five Functions of a Cohesive Team).

Right People: Ideal Team Players

Right Seats: Six Types Working Genius

Working Well Together: Five Functions of a Cohesive Team


Description: Experiential workshop describes the three models, and how to effectively use them together to transform the team. Leaders leave with action plans to realign their work to leverage their geniuses, and improve team behaviors. Requires team members to complete three short on-line assessments (an $80 value) prior to the workshop.
: one-day (8 hours) or two four-hour sessions
: presentation handouts, an Ideal Team Player report, a Six Types of Working Genius report for each team member, a working genius team map, a five dysfunctions team report, Patrick Lencioni’s Ideal Team Player, Six Types of Working Genius, and Five Dysfunctions of a Team books (a $40 value), and tools and templates for everyday use.